Monday, 11 March 2013


So I've been using facebook for all of my updates of late... but decided I had more to say tonight... here goes:

I've been a slave to the corporate machine for going on way too long now and I am at a cross-roads in my life, something has got to give before the last fibre of my soul is sucked from me!

It's time for a change. A real change not just another role in the same lifeless financial institution!

I guess 30 something women feel like this a lot... there's at least 4 of them in one of my tuts at uni alone.  So how do we end up in jobs that we hate, making money for corporations who are not compatible with our personal values and how can we escape to another industry when we don't have industry experience?? The answers to these questions will hopefully be revealed to me very soon.

I'm determined to make a change, so I'm studying my MBA, attending the young entrepreneurs convention and about to kick off a series of market research surveys to create the future that I want to live!  

Get on board and join me if you feel the same x

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