Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Its that time again, the end of the uni year YAY!  Time to wind down and enjoy spare time again.
Economics was the field of study for this semester - supply & demand - something shoppers SHOULD know about but probably are NOT INTERESTED in, I know I wasn't.

As dry as economics can get at times, learning about it certainly does change your view of the world somewhat. For instance, I read an article yesterday about David Jones and 150 other retailers such as The Iconic & StyleTread; as of next Monday they are drastically reducing prices in an attempt to compete with overseas online retailers such as everyone's favourite ASOS.

The aim is to get us to buy stuff from Australia rather than overseas BUT... basic economics tells me this...

Spending money on imports is not good for our economy thus in theory keeps the prices of Australian goods (inflation) DOWN

If we spend money on Australian goods eventually the prices will probably increase with inflation...

Being a novice at economics but an expert on overseas online buying.. I am not sure what approach to take here?? The price changes take please across a number of different industries including fashion, electronics, books and alcohol... is this just another ruse to make us THINK we are getting a good deal?

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