Friday, 14 October 2011

gaga for lulu

I've been so depressed lately because my favourite handbag is getting on.  That little black patent quilted doctor bag (from peeptoe) has been hanging off my arm almost daily since I unwrapped it from its shiny silver bow-clad packaging nearly 2 years ago. Knowing it's discontinued I have whiled away many an hour desperately searching the net for a replacement that I know can never fill the void.

That's when I discovered Lulu Guinness... a British designer who creates fantastic accessories inspired by the 50's and in some crazy shapes & shades - love love love at first sight!

After much time agonising over two styles I finally took the plunge and ordered the 'Large Patent Pollyanna'. It arrived today and I'm totally & utterly in lust!

My old flame doesn't hold a candle to my new lover x


  1. yay babe! glad you got one of the two and you're happy! we need to catch up soon xx

  2. I love the new purchase Ruby Jayne. It's even better than the old doctor bag. I didn't think it was possible. Riz x