Friday, 7 September 2012

My favourite party ever

There is nothing more fun than organising a party for you and the man you love... Especially if you have waited 9 years!

I start about my planning, which thankfully my husband to be shows little interest in (being the control freak I am this pleases me very much) a blank canvas and what to do?

After many hours spent on the net dreaming up our perfect party I decided on:
A sweet red & pink theme, to make it a little more casual (in contrast to the wedding), with a retro candy bar, to make it fun - think musk sticks, fairy floss, candy apples & so on. A black & white dance floor in the middle, this is a party after all! Groups of small tables with white ottomans scattered every where, to give a chilled party vibe and 
copious amounts of vanilla scented candles in red glass holders (lights dimmed).

The party was fun and I still have people commenting on how great the food was and how good the atmosphere was - goal achieved!

Some tips if you're planning your engagement party:
  • Keep your music fun for ALL guests, oldies are always goodies & appeal to everyone
  • Organise someone to take photos (I have none of our candy bar & not many of us)
  • Get there VERY early as guests arrive early!
  • Don't skimp on the food, its better to have too much
  • Allow for 50% seating for a cocktail party 
  • HAVE FUN and your guests will too
Oh I almost forgot the outfits! We had heaps of fun working out what we were going to wear, for me the choice was easy.. the Kit Kat Klub dress in Provence floral by Wheels & Dollbaby with Miss Serafina satin heels from peeptoe shoes.

Luke teamed a slim-fit navy suit with a super slim white mod shirt from Jack London and of course his staple RM Williams.

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