Friday, 10 February 2012

Collection de Lulu

You may remember my post last year about my gorgeous Lulu Guinness Pollyanna bag, it is still the love of my life and gets compliments everywhere I go. I am happy to report that my Lulu collection is expanding... with a little help from my friends too!

If you want to buy something from LG but are struggling with handing over the $$$ here a some hints on how to save on your Lulu...

1. Buy on ASOS - they have a limited range but you won't have to pay 41 pounds in postage AND it will definitely arrive quicker that ordering it direct from LG

2. Wait for a Lulu sale, they really do slash the prices - I got my Lucielle bag for less than half price

3. Get some awesome friends like mine!!

Pictured below are my new additions...
Lucielle Bag in Red
Too many mary's top zip purse
Black Patent medium frame purse

Collection de Lulu


  1. Have you stopped blogging?

  2. what would you wear to a wedding
    did your shes of pray come
    do yooou have a baby

  3. No haven't stopped, just been busy with other things. WIll be posting something soon.

    Weddings - I always wear Wheels & Dollbaby, something feminine and knee length and try not to show too much cleavage. And the golden rule NEVER wear white. These days black is perfectly fine.

    Yes my shoes of prey arrived. I also ordered a pair of wedges and they are very comfortable.

    No children.